Thor Airbag Suspension

Thor Airbag Suspension - Double Air Bellow Kits 

Holden Colorado - TK09 Kit


'Thor Air Suspension' makes the Australian Made "Boss Style" Airbag Suspension Kits. These are the new standard in affordable Air Suspension

This load assist product gives leaf sprung vehicles an air adjustable rear suspension.

These Airbag Suspension Kits simply bolt on and when filled with air, raises the rear end (when under load) to make the vehicle level again.

This makes the vehicle safer when loaded by keeping the front wheels in contact with the road, eliminating sway and improving cornering (wet or dry).

These Airbags/ Bellows:

  • Air adjustable 10 – 150 PSI
  • Heavy Duty construction
  • A must for constantly loaded 4WD and Utes
  • Easy to fit and easy to use
  • Rated to carry 2.2 tonne (2200 kg) per pair
  • They fit between the axle and the chassis and are easy to fit
  • Will decrease tyre wear

The Airbags/Bellows Kit come with:

  • 2x Airbags (Double Bellows)
  • Australian Made Brackets for mounting at top and bottom
  • Australian Made Airlines, valves and fittings
  • Fitting instructions
  • 5 Year manufacturer's warranty

Thor Airbags - Australian Made

They are tested to ADR standards. Thor Air Bellows are rated to 2.2 tonnes which is well in excess of that required by manufacturers /authorities.These kits include separate air lines for each side with valves for ease of inflation/deflation.

Proven in the tough Australian Outback by Farmers, 4WD tour operators and 4WD enthusiasts, as well as the Agricultural, Mining and Film & Television Industries, these kits have a wide variety of uses, the limit is your imagination.

Vehicle Specific Fitment & Images

Detailed Product Information

Australian Made Heavy Duty Engineered Brackets

  • These brackets are Laser Cut, not stamped, each bracket is Mig welded and zinc plated in a silver finish to ensure long lasting rust protection.
  • Our brackets have been tested by a Government Accredited Certifier to 51kn, that's just over 5.11 tonne!
  • Our brackets don’t bend or break like other brands.

Quality Australian Made Airlines and Fittings

  • We purchase our airline and fittings from Australian Owned Companies to help keep the dollar in Australia.

Top Quality Double Convolute Rubber Bellows

  • These are imported / not made in Australia, (as we don't have the technology available here).
  • These double convoluted bellows feature heavy duty 5mm thick corded/ribbed rubber similar to the sidewall of a car or 4WD tyre, which have a travel rate of 5.5 inches.
  • This gives a better ride than single convolute by having more flex.
  • Our bellows have been tested by an accredited Government Certifier, and have been tested to 464psi without bursting.

Image Gallery


Thor Airbag Suspension

Thor Universal Airbag Suspension Kit

Thor Universal Airbag Suspension Kit

These universal kits are ideal for fitment to less popular vehicles (we have kits for popular leaf sprung vehicles).

They are available in two popular sizes with bellows as follows:

Type A

  • Max height: 230mm (fully inflated)
  • Min height: 75mm (compressed)
  • Max diameter: 175mm

Type B

  • Max height: 270mm (fully inflated)
  • Min Height: 75mm (compressed)
  • Max diameter: 186mm

Both types feature:

  • Forged aluminimum ring that clamps the rubber bellows to the metal end plates. These have bolts to enable fitment to mounting brackets to chassis and diff/axles.
  • Airlines, valves and mounting plate for valves are included.

These kits are ideal for leaf spring applications on:

  • Motorhomes
  • 5th wheelers
  • Farm trucks
  • Trailers
  • Farm machinery

These are double convalute style and can be joined together to double the height if necessary.

Thor Airbag Suspension

Single Bellow Suspension Kit   +   Hyundai iLoad Bellows Kit

Thor Air Suspension have released a new kit for the Hyundai iLoad vans.

It features the single bellow as space is limited.

The kit allows the standard ride height to be retained when a reasonable to heavy load is in the van.

The kits:

  • Are Australian Made
  • Have a 5 year warranty
  • Take approximately 2 hours to fit
  • Feature seperate schrader valves for each side

This reduces sway and gives much improved handling under all load conditions.

Call or email Airbag World for pricing and availability.

Thor Airbag Suspension

Thor Triple Bellow / Airbag Suspension Kit

This kit has the triple bellows to increase movement to over 10" (250mm).

It is ideal for vehicles with over 4" (100mm) of extra height springs and shocks.

This kit is dearer than the standard bellows kits and is very easy to fit.

It is ideal when towing:

  • Horse floats
  • 5th wheelers
  • Large trailers
  • Caravans
  • Slide on campers, etc.

Triple Bellow Specifications:

  • Compressed height with forged ends: 120mm
  • Extended height with forged ends approx.: 330mm
  • Maximum bellow diameter: 186mm
  • These Triple A1 Bellows are rated at 2.2 tonnes and operates 10-150 psi.


Thor Airbag Suspension

2500lb Airbag Kit Fitted to a Camper Trailer with Trailing Arm Suspension

This Thor Universal Airbag Kit runs 40 psi and the owner reports that the Camper Trailer runs very smoothly over rough ground.

It previously had coils and used to bounce quite a bit, the owner is very happy with the conversion.


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